2 August 2014

It's that night of the year


No other words, just enthusiasm and the song that goes with it

"Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity" Bo Bennett

30 July 2014

It's ok - to leave that book unfinished

Guilt is such a powerful thing. It works like a parasite, uses the host to gain strength, and the host loses some strength as a result. We are all hosts at some points in our life, to put it mildly. Actually, I wonder if any day goes by without feelings of guilt trying to corner us: guilt for what we didn't do, for what we ate, for going to bed late yet again, and the list can easily continue.

So, I thought I'd share with you some of my guilt parasites in an effort to build a stronger version of me, a stronger version of you. Even if it is just a stupid thing like starting a new book after I finally accepted I will (most probably) never finish that 800 pages old one.

It's ok to leave that book unfinished and enjoy a new one!

Pitesti - at the zoo

I don't know about you, but I surely enjoy a visit to the zoo just as much as my kids do. Any zoo, and this weekend we visited again my hometown zoo, in Pitesti. The zoo is situated in the outskirts of the town, in Trivale forest. When I was a little girl, the zoo was famous for the extinct bisons you can still see there. According to Wikipedia " The European bison Bison bonasus, or wisent is found in Europe and the Caucasus, was re-introduced after being extinct in the wild." But sadly it was not reintroduced in the zoo.

Anyways, we enjoyed plenty of other animals and spent 3 good hours there:

The boys were all excited and they kept calling for me: "Mom, look ! You have to see this!" and this ...and that... and they kept running from one cage to the other.

What do you think? Was this a local monkey or just me "mastering" the "art of selfies"? Haha

We had a break on the playground which the kids enjoyed a lot too:

A zoo a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. the Sibiu zoo

28 July 2014

To the childhood and back

This weekend I just had the most amazingly normal and perfect weekend. I went to my parents where my boys are spending a month of their summer holiday and it was great. I got to spend quality time with my kids, my parents and my close family. And have a nap with Tudor on Saturday. And go to sleep by 11 pm. And visit my grandparents. And have fun. And no house work! Obviously it can't get any better.

Saturday morning, the boys and I, went to the local supermarket, just few blocks away. There was nothing extraordinary on our way, but, somehow, seeing the world through kids' eyes can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. The boys had fun doing some gymnastics, meeting a little kitty and finding what looked like the oldest swing in town.

At the playground, a piece of wood became a balancing board and another flat one was used as a surfboard. I am not being "artistic" with my description it was exactly what Cristian said when he saw a long piece of wood in the grass. I didn't even know that he knew what surf is. But obviously kids know so much more than we can ever imagine.

Needless to say we had so much fun and it was only the beginning. On Sunday we visited the local zoo and went to the movies. So, stay tuned for the next episode of Joy Acoustics for a virtual visit to Pitesti zoo :)

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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23 July 2014

A change would do you good

Sharyl Crow released this song, "A change would do you good", 17 years ago. And even though I haven't listened to it for at least 15 years, I can still hear it playing in my head.

You have to release yourself to the world every day in the hope that ultimately people will not forget  you. Everybody wants to make a mark.

What if somebody is telling you today that Maslow got it wrong and our fundamental need is the need to not have to endure change. Jonathan Fileds , from the Good Life Project, is talking about the Paradox of Change. I listened to his words more then once trying to get everything in my system. Trying to reprograme me to embrace change wholeheartedly every day.

"Everybody wants to own the result but nobody wants to won the process, especially when it involves change or disruption to the patterns around which we’ve grown accustomed to." says Jonathan.

Change most probably feels more than you can take. Which is true. Because change involves  more than you used to take. But if you want better you need to own “more”. 

Are you ready to rock your life?

21 July 2014

About Batman, a guilt gift and how to calm down your woman

Yesterday I saw this cool video from Jay Leno's Garage about the Batman's tumbler. It was fascinating even for me, a car-free girl. I thought I'd share it with you and then, while watching the latest Suits episode I came across this hilarious scene, which to me was better. Donna enters Mike's office totally pissed and starts giving him a lecture when Mike interrupts her:

Mike                  - Amy did you send Donna the package?
Donna                - Guilt gift, didn't open it!
Mike's assistant - It was a Balenciaga, classic town bag
Donna                - Ivory?
Mike's assistant - Anthracite with an outside pocket

I thought this nice little suggestion on how to calm down a/your woman, when you did something to upset her, may come more handy ( for the 54% men reading my blog, says Google Analytics) And yes, kisses are sweet and love is grant but sometimes gifts are sweeter and more efficient to make up for any guilt you may be bearing.

Don't get me wrong, we, women, are far from guilt-free, it's just that we have different ways of making up for our misbehaviour.

A gift a day keeps the doctor away!

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Credit photo: purseblog

19 July 2014

Another little adventure: Corbii de Piatra/ The Stone Ravens

We have quite a rainy summer here in Romania. Fine with me since lately I've been enjoying my share of walking in the warm summer rain. And speaking of rain, a few months back we had a nice little adventure, Cristian and I. Unlike our visit to Poenari Castle, I was glad Tudor fell asleep in the car on our way there cause, at times, it was difficult for me to stand on the slippery wet ground, let alone carrying Tudor.

The rupestral church Corbii de Piatra (the Stone Ravens) is an enigma, embedded in stone, hidden as a cave in the mountain's wall. It is certainly one of a kind , its earliest dating going back to the II nd century A.D. More about it on the official site.  The rain didn't stop us for enjoying this unique place and the climbing on the big stone there.

We made it back in one piece although we proved to be "rusty" on our way back. The kids were much more braver than we were and they got back first. The mud, the rain were there to make this even more interesting and evidence that you can have fun any weather and anywhere.

An adventure a day keeps the doctor away

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If I could wear anything this summer- "Mohotani" Sunglasses

If there is a must item for the summer, not that I believe in any "musts", I would say it's sunglasses. And these ones above can turn any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. And who doesn't want to look extraordinary?

The sunglasses are Dior Mohotani 58mm Cat Eye  and you can check the full interesting outfit not seen in the picture on Garance's blog.

A sunglasses a day keeps the doctor away!

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Credit photo: Garance Dore

16 July 2014

Nailed it - The IT color

I bet you couldn't wait to see my yellow-ish nails I've been telling you here. NOT. I know everybody has better things to do, even I have better things to do. But every now and then, in this life that plays with us in the fast forward mode, we just need to stop. And say I will take a picture of my silly nails and, to make it better, I will make a fool out of myself again, by posting it on my blog. So, here it is, I had fun and hope you do, too!

What did you do the last time you stopped?

A mani a day keeps the doctor away!

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14 July 2014

The pursuit of happyness

Lately, I keep hearing my friends saying all they would like to do in vacation would be actually nothing, meaning a staycation. Everyone with kids knows that when the kiddos are out of the house it feels like vacation already so why bother to spend time, energy and money to go someplace else.

On the other hand, my best friend sent me these wonderful "postcards" from the seaside, this weekend. And I realized once again, it's all worth it. To go out there, explore the world and meet happiness on the way.

Happiness doesn't simply stay where you are. It goes into the world for everybody to enjoy it. You just have to search for it and meet it wherever happiness is. Wherever you are...

Go out there! Be happy!

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