26 October 2014

Let it snow!

As opposed to our normal grayish "behind the blocks" scenery, this morning our window overlooked a beautiful powdery white setting. The kids were crazy happy as I was too. They really couldn't wait to go out, ever since they woke up this morning. And since it was too early for us to enjoy the snow outside, we brought some inside, before breakfast. Cristian did some experiments with snow and water and a little bit later we were out in the snow.

A weekend ago, who knew snow was just around the corner?!

A snow fun a day keeps the doctor away!

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Autumn or winter '14?

The first snow came one month earlier this year. I don't know about you, but in our family this calls for a celebration. And what better way to have fun with snow than making the first 2014 snowman. I hope many will follow.

P.S. the first snow of  '13 and how we had fun then.

A snowman a day keeps the doctor away!

23 October 2014

My bucket list

When you're not thinking about saving the world or any other grand gestures, what are the silly little things you dream about doing in this lifetime?

Here is my current list:
  • a place to read by the window and a nice view to go with it. I temporarily had one at Arsenal Park overlooking the woods and I enjoyed it a lot (the picture above was taken there). This is something I've been dreaming about for a long time now;
  • a hot air balloon short trip;
  • see the fireworks on New Year's Eve in Sidney, or wherever the biggest fireworks show is;
  • a high quality bag (to be read designer's bag, but I didn't want it to sound as snobbish as it is);
  • a tandem sky gliding adventure ( I already had the tandem parachute experience and it was some of the best 5 minutes of my life). 
A dream a day keeps the doctor away!

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20 October 2014

If I could wear anything today - makeup

Diorskin Star add

There's a time when you get out of the bed and leave home without even combing your hair. It's that time when effortlessly chic really is effortlessly. Going on 35, I feel I need a little bit of makeup in my life. The look above is really great and I would certainly wear it to a party. Now I need to figure out what to wear everyday to look effortlessly pretty. It's a work in progress but at least I started it with a blush and switched from gloss to lipstick...

So you, makeup savvy girls, do you have any advice for me?

P.S. a nice hair do and a spectacular skirt

18 October 2014

Amidst the trees in Herastrau Park

Fortunately, I didn't let a few rain drops intimidate me this morning so we spent a lovely day in Herastrau Park today. While Tudor adorned himself with a lot of stickers before we left home, nature was all dressed up with its spectacular fall costume. The boys picked acorns and chestnuts, chased squirrels, climbed the trees, ate and played some more...

It was the best autumn day of this year so far, still we have plenty more weekends to enjoy. And that we will certainly do.

A park a day keeps the doctor away!

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10 October 2014

It's OK - to have a crappy day

Today, at 9 p.m. I was so full of guilt I could explode. Of course I should spare you the details but "it's my blog and I cry if I want to". In no particular order here are some of the things I was feeling guilty about:
  • not anticipating some technical problems at work;
  • the fact that I was still working when I should have put the kids to bed;
  • my boys not listening when I told them to start their bedtime routine;
  • my weight, or my lack of ambition when it comes to loosing weight;
  • the tantrums Tudor keeps throwing, because I know he just tries to tell me something, and it's not good;
  • not getting enough sleep;
  • being on the run all day;
  • not getting enough time to read lots of bedtime stories to my kids;

At first I gave up, put myself to bed for one minute, telling kids they are on their own and they should just manage. Little by little things were getting better:
  • kids said sorry;
  • my hubby hugged me and helped with the kids;
  • I hold both Tudor and Cristian in my arms when reading the stories;
  • I put them to sleep while running my fingers through their hair. Tudor told me I should never stop.
  • I received a nice thank you note, work related.
  • I took the time to write a little (this post).
Days like these 2 things may help:

1. A checklist to see how lucky you are
  • Are you dying, to your knowledge, in the near future? This article is so touching and definitely worth reading.
  • Is your close family fairly healthy?
  • Do you live on the streets?
  • Do you have food to put on the table?
If your answers are: no, yes, no, yes, you should feel lucky.

2. Reaching out for love. Get ( free ) hugs, caress somebody to sleep, or whatever form of giving and receiving love you prefer.

I do realize this post is not "pink". Life can feel less "pink" sometime, even when you have more than you ever wished for. Tomorrow is another day, and chances are it will get better.

Forgive yourself ! I almost did it, too :)

A forgiveness a day keeps the psychiatrist away! :)

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9 October 2014

Nailed it - every month is Oktoberfest

This week I gave myself a professional manicure. It was long, as opposed to the 5 minutes it takes me to do it at home, but it was worth it. My hubby likes it a lot and I really like the shade, too. The name is a perfect match to the season: OPI Every month is Oktoberfest. In the bottle, it looks more brown but in fact it has purple reflections. The color is nice and it makes me feel nice.

How are you pampering yourself this fall?

Have a stupendous October!

P.S. remember the bag? and 2 color manicure and a funny story to go with

Coucou love

- Mom, I would tell you something but you'd feel ashamed.
- No, I won't feel ashamed!
- I'm telling you you'd feel ashamed.
- Come on, tell me.
- I'm in love...
- Is it with the girl you told me about the first days of school?
- No, I'm in love with Sara.
- I am happy for you!
- One day I wanted  to hold her hand, in the sports class, and she said "Coucou". It meant No... Maybe I should go tell her, that I am in love with her. One boy from "after-school" went to the girl he liked and told her.
- And what did she say?
- I don't know, he didn't tell me. Maybe I should send her a paper plane with a message, signed Cristian.

The day after:

- Cristian, are you still in love?
- Yes... I should make a paper plane with a message and send it to her. Or maybe a boat, or a heart. Mom, do you know how to make a paper heart?
- Yes, I do. But you can do it yourself and I will help you.
- I can make a heart and write on it and sign it, Cristian.

So, we already have a plan for this weekend. I'll help my big boy with a big heart make love notes.
Love is grand, even when you're six, or better said, especially when you're six.

A love note a day keeps the doctor away!

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4 October 2014

Style crush: Amal Clooney

Going on 35 with no style icon feels incomplete. You almost feel sorry for me, don't you? As if this wasn't enough I also feel like I've been living under a rock, because I don't watch TV or read the news. This is why I was the last person in the world to find out that Clooney got married. To a fabulous, smart, successful woman. As if all these weren't enough her style is to die for.

Since last Sunday I've been constantly googeling Amal and I love everything I could find. She looks cool in jeans with a short top and also stunning in her white pant-suit she wore for the civil wedding ceremony.

The outfit that really made her my new style icon is this one:

I especially like the fact that her bag doesn't match her shoes and even her shoes don't match each other. All the shoes I've seen on her are really great.

First, I didn't like her wedding dress, thinking it didn't have a twist. But I immediately realized it was so elegant that any twist would make it less perfectly elegant. Here you can find full media coverage for the big wedding.

Source: here

I will be following her from a googling distance for more style inspiration.

Who is your style inspiration these days?

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