28 April 2017

SeaWorld Orlando - What Lies Beneath the Surface

- I want to go out and play! Let me out! says Auras as soon as she sees this lighthouse. Auras is how my mom used to call me when I was little. There is this part of me still feeling like a child so why not call her by my favorite nickname?! Equipped with sunglasses, boots made for walking and big curious eyes, Auras and I were ready to play.

17 April 2017

After the Rain Comes Sun

This Easter, stars aligned. I've had my sweet family, sweet food, sun and rain. All together. Even fire in the garden. Cristian gathered some leaves and set them on fire to complete the cleaning. I tought it was the coolest thing for him to do, with adult supervision, of course. Indoors, with no fire, we gathered around the TV, to watch the most disgusting movie series I know. Yeap, it was "Pirates of the Caribbean". It looked filthy to me but there were some funny scenes which made the boys laugh out loud.

30 March 2017

No limit : Florida Kennedy Space Center

The Space Adventure

February 20 was a big step for me. I got the closest I will ever get to Space and I almost saw a rocket launch. I missed it by 1 hour, can you believe that?! The launch's initial date was February 19, before my landing in Florida. It was rescheduled because of a minor glitch but I didn’t find out about it in time.

13 March 2017

Nailed it - CIA

Having spent more than 2 weeks in the promised land I am now settling back into my life. More to cope with than the expected jet lag. My mind is divided between memories of my US trip and thoughts around my daily tasks now that I am back being a working mom. I never stopped being a mom. However for 17 days I was a lucky mom with enormous chunks of time for herself. Which I enjoyed to the fullest. Sometimes in a childish way like visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, my first destination. 

20 February 2017

Winter Alphabet

Alain de Botton is my latest crush. "Love is skill rather than enthusiasm" says his latest book "The Course of Love". So reading this now I hope I am upskilling in the love department.
Bag I'm dreaming about: Anya Hindmarch rainbow perforated bag. Because the perforation is something I am planning on doing soon as a DYI. Another one of a kind bag work in progress
Chef to be, Cristian, cooked mini pizzas for us and they were yummy. Proud mama!
Dreaming about a Lego Land visit with the boys.
Eating healthy food most days to stay away from food guilt.

5 February 2017

Hats, shopping and the story

Starting on the wrong foot

- Honey, we should check the dress you wanted on NYE, says my generous husband while we are in front of the Massimo Dutti store at AFI mall. That's one offer I can't refuse. 
2 minutes away, having checked 3 racks of clothes on sale, patience is running low on the hubby side:
- I thought we were shopping for me today! says the big bad wolf. It was as if aliens kidnapped my generous husband and brought me a  beast instead.

24 January 2017

Pimp my bags: fancy, fluffy, flowery

In an effort to tame down my obsession with bags, I "invested" in some bag accessories this sales season. So I won't have to overcome my bag boredom with a new bag purchase. Unless I must. And sometimes I really must. Some bags wink at me and there is a special connection between us and I have to bring them home. Like the ones below that underwent a face lift:

21 January 2017

On storytelling: It's my blog and I'll rewrite if I want to

Digital Parents Talks, the storytelling edition was too good of an offer to pass. Here I was, Saturday morning, ready to enjoy time on my own and to learn things I am passionate about. So I did. The event was very nicely organized and the speakers were lovely too. Liviana Tane had a lot to teach us about storytelling. Here are the notes I took as improvement points for me:

20 January 2017

The celebration tray or how I mothered a tradition

The pregnancy

One late evening, on my way back home, I went wild. Not that wild, just "usual work night" wild. I dropped my worries about Cristian's homework and decided to live a little. My staying late at work paid off with something that felt like a small personal victory. It was only natural to share my joy with the 3 men waiting for me home.

16 January 2017

The day I found what my talents are

Today was one of those days where nothing came easy. I even had a hard time convincing Cris and Tud to go see a movie. We eventually did so and it was really a lovely movie: Vaiana (Moana). What happened before and after the movie was complicated but there was also a conversation.

8 January 2017

Snow life 2017

I am not big on birthdays. But when it comes to first snow of the year, I am all in. I took a day off on Friday and guess what, Thursday night it snowed like in fairy tales. I was over the moon especially since boys were on vacation too. We left the warm comfort of the house I grew up in

New Year's Eve 2017

I've been meaning to recreate the 2013 New Year's Eve for the past 4 years. This year I did

2 January 2017

My 3 words for 2017

In an effort to switch from frustrating new year resolutions to new year guiding "lights", this is my fifth "3 words" exercise. The longer I do it, the harder I need to dig deep down my soul to learn what I can't find as much as I'd like to. Precision is key. Overall I am the same me. However, every year does bring new challenges and old ones I haven't adjusted to yet.

31 December 2016

If I could wear anything for New Year's Eve 2017

"Give a woman the right dress and she can conquer the world" is my version of this shoe quote. This silk dress has been on my mind ever since I saw it for the first time a month ago. I noticed it from the outside and it dragged me inside the store to admire it more. My imagination is running wild now thinking about a complete outfit, or even 2.

30 December 2016

Nailed it - in the gray

Lately I've been alternating between 2 shades of gray for my nails. The opaque shade is my favorite "Liv" in the Gray . For special occasions, like the 2 days of housework before Christmas, I chose My Private Jet.

28 December 2016


I get home and change myself into something clean and comfortable but nice. I'm making myself a coffee even though it's dark outside. A. laughingly asks me to shred a cabbage. He already knows the answer is no. Not tonight. I get a call from a friend asking me to go out. I say no, not tonight. On my way to the sofa I get the remote control, my laptop and my phones. I have everything I need within arm's reach. I am going to watch

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

We opened a restaurant last night because Santa brought us a loaded shopping cart toy. Cris was the chef, Tud took orders and I was the bartender. Dino was our first guest

17 December 2016

What I really, really want

Dear Santa,

I've had more than my share of sweets this year so no candies for me, please. I suppose everybody is asking you for world peace and good health. Of course these are always on my mind but, this year, for once, let's make it about me only. I'm making a list, checking it twice so, If I could have anything and everything this Christmas, here is what I'd like:
  • a full day with A: from dawn to dusk, breakfast to dinner with everything in between, without any distractions;
  • the books of all the people I follow. Don't worry Santa, I'll make a list for this as well;
  • speaking of people I follow, lunch with Seth Godin, my biggest inspiration;
  • minus 10 kilos;
  • an exquisite bag, always on my list;
  • a surprise getaway for my parents because they are me and I am them;
  • a magazine subscription to Porter;
  • Flowerbomb, eau de parfum
  • 100 followers for my blog's facebook page.
Thanks a lot,

So, what do you really, really want? Have you thought about it lately? Would be great to share your wishes in the comments here. Santa's watching and waiting.

12 December 2016

1st of December getaway

As much as I like visiting new places, the familiarity of going back to one I know well is comforting. One might argue that 8 kids in a house may not sound comforting at all. It turned out kids had fun their way which left us, the adults, the opportunity to relax our way. Here are some pictures to tell the story of our time in Curtea de Arges, first week of December.

Dirt is good and getting way too dirty was the best part for Cristian and the other kids his age. They built a fort similar to the one they did in Trivale woods this summer.

After all this construction work, climbing the hills around and strolling the town streets, a fire was all we needed.

At times there was a lot of noise around. However it felt quiet and sometimes this is just what the doctor ordered. Plus a puff of snow.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. my favorite place at Curtea de Arges, besides the excellent shops there

7 December 2016

Saying something stupid like...

It all started with something stupid. I had just left the house to meet some friends when my high heel broke. Superstition says it's a sign you'll meet the one. Right then for me it was a sign I had to get back home and change. Little did I know it was going to be the night that changed my life.

12 years ago I had my last first kiss. I admit I fantasize about having a first kiss again, or, more "politically" correct, a kiss that feels like a first one. Oh, those stupid romantic fantasies women have! 

12 years into our relationship our story feels more of a comedy than a romantic one. Dark comedy because often times I think bad thoughts about my husband. I am a bad girl, what can I say, not in that way, though.

Today is not about me. Today I honor the man that made me a fiance, a bride, a dog and a cat owner, and above all, a mother. 2 times because if it were up to me I'd never stop having kids.

Some days I think about divorce. However, the last 12 years, I never met a guy who seemed better for me than A. I love the very few words we need to agree on the little things in our lives. I like his confidence, generosity and luck. I like the trips he plans for us and the "You are so pretty" compliments coming when I think I deserve them the least. I even like his aggressiveness because I need my man to dominate me.

If there is one thing I hate about him is the smoking that puts a closed door between him and the rest of the family.

What I love most about him: he is honoring the commitment he made 10 years ago. I'm sure he was too young then to know what he was getting into. I'm also sure I haven't been the perfect wife. I just hope I will always be the one and only wife for him. He's still the one for me. All that matters is that WE ARE.

Happy birthday, honey!

P.S. Honey is our song and Something Stupid is a favorite of mine.
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