28 January 2015

12 tips for organising your wardrobe

When you have 3 sleepyheads to get ready and out of the house each working day morning, it's tough to find more than 5 minutes to yourself. So, this Friday, when I found myself in front of my wardrobe still wandering what to wear after 2 minutes of staring, I knew I had to reorganize my clothes asap. And so I did on Friday afternoon after I got back home. Here is my thinking process that you may find useful too. The tidier your wardrobe, the easiest your mornings will be:

  1. review everything you have on hangers. I had off season dresses and pants that I put away in the back of my wardrobe until their time will come;
  2. everything that is left on hangers is grouped in sections: skirts, T-shirts, blouses and shirts, dresses, jackets;
  3. I store jewelry right under the hangers in special containers like an Ikea drawer set and a rings box;
  4. to maximise the space I have for hangers I took my blue-jeans off the hangers, plied them in 3 and stored them on the shelves;
  5. on the top shelf I have things I reach out for more frequently, like night ware;
  6. I grouped every item on shelves by utility: pants, sweaters,T-shirts, etc. ;
  7. on the top shelf I have night ware and light sweaters, the middle shelf has pants and thick sweaters and the bottom one has house wear and others;
  8. for each pile I put the items I use more frequently on top;
  9. everything else that doesn’t fall into a category can be stored at the bottom of one of the piles. Like a light red jacket I stored at the bottom of my pants section;
  10. I maximised the space by rolling 3 sweaters and put them in the space I had left on the top shelf, a space that couldn’t fit any other folding;
  11. I stick to the space I have for all the items I own. I store socks separately, jackets in the hallway, also shoes and bags, but everything else I own is in this wardrobe. If you'd like here are my tips for a pleasant closet edit;
  12. for a final touch, beautify the doors with your preferred magazine cutouts. It will not only remind you of the beautiful teenage days when you had posters all over the walls, but also serve as a style inspiration each morning.

Anthony Bourdain says: “Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride” and enjoy getting dressed every day!

P.S. 12 tips for packing toiletries and Style tips from "The Sartorialist: Closer"

21 January 2015

The best and the worst thing in the world

Once upon a time, there was an old emperor who decided to find out what are the best and the worst things in the world. 

Many people came to him and presented their opinions. They said the best things in the world are: wisdom, money, health and patience; whereas the worst things are: stupidity, poverty, disease and war. The king was amazed by all these answers but he was still not convinced. One day a monk came. Many saw him as the wisest man in the kingdom and he said:

- What I am going to say is a simple thing that everybody uses as he pleases. Words are the best thing in the world

Some were puzzled, others were laughing when they heard this. So the monk continued:

- Words are used by mothers to comfort their children, to educate them. They are also used by wise man to teach us valuable lessons, by emperors to rule the world, by doctors to soothe the ones in pain; words are used in prayers too.

- You are right, said the emperor. So now, what is the worst thing in the world?

- The worst thing in the world is words, again, said the monk. Think about how quickly you can disrespect a person by telling him a lie, destroy trust and  hurt somebody with words. So words are the best and the worst thing in the world.

Use your words kindly. Or sometimes, you say it best, when you say nothing at all.

P.S. the "cast a spell" words and  another nice kids story

11 January 2015

Snow is a kind of magic

Snow is a bit like magic. It transforms the dull grey scenery around us in beautiful white masterpiece. And it must be our childhood too that makes us so happy when the first snow comes to town. This past winter holiday we enjoyed an unexpected snow away from home and also its continuation in the backyard of our grey block of flats. Snow is fun everywhere...


The boys tried to build a casemate, had snowball fights with all the kids in the playground. It was really relaxing being both there with them and also with my mind wandering and thinking back about some of the best childhood memories.

Away, at Curtea de Arges

I haven't packed appropriately, so Tudor had socks instead of gloves but the fun was the same anyway.

Have a nice winter with snow and everything else that makes you happy!

P.S. Other snow fun moments : playground at 1800m and in the Ciucas Mountains

7 January 2015

The best definition of getting married

Grace Kelly getting married

There are quite a few people around me engaged to be married. It feels like a breeze of hope for me, being married for more than 8 years now. It kind of reminds me of why I did it in the first place and it's nice to see that "love is all around us".

This past vacation I waited for "the kiss" quite a lot in the "What if" movie. And it was worth it since, while waiting, I found the best definition of getting married:

"Look, one thing I like about getting married, is that you can stand up in front of everyone you care about and state it for the record that you believe in the best case scenario."

The commitment and being able to keep it till the end of time is the best case scenario. The relationship will have its ups and downs, love transforms over time, your partner does change just enough to not like him/her anymore. But the best case scenario is to patiently wait for the days when he is cute again and you can feel the love again. So, best case scenario is not really just good, it's good and bad. It just is. Normal for each and every one of us...

P.S. On romantic movies, The Good Wife and marriage and Can we want what we already have?

1 January 2015

My 3 words for 2015

Festina lente

2014 felt like a marathon most days. There is a school mom that I know from a distance and I noticed that even though they are running late, they are far from running. She walks so patiently and elegantly. Time is a gift and I need to enjoy every minute of it and take off some of the pressure I've been feeling this past year. There is no way I can slow down, but I need to choose a friendlier pace.
Like Alain de Botton is saying in his School of Life series, I have to  bring perspective to my needlessly intense and preciously brief life.


I don't like the woman/wife I've become this past year. I cannot find excuses in the ways I would like my husband to change because, truth is, I can't expect "the world" to change for me. I have to change for the world and for my marriage. I want to be the kind of wife I would like to wake up with if I were a man: inviting, warm and playful.


I will be turning 35 next summer. Beauty is not to be taken for granted after a certain age. I want to take more good care of me: body and soul. I would like to age gracefully and now's the time to start working on this. 20 years from now I picture myself with a nice smile on my face that comes with the confidence I did everything I could to "preserve" myself and the happiness I enjoyed every day of this beautiful life.

Enjoy the gift of time and everything 2015 has to offer!

P.S. if you don't know what this is about check my initial post from 2013 and also the one for 2014.
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31 December 2014

If I could wear anything - this winter

Burberry coat

It's the 31st of December so it's only natural that the first think on my mind when I woke up this morning was what to wear tonight. This, and the starters I will bring to the party. Since there won't be a fancy party I never even thought about my outfit before today, but nevertheless I want something to make me feel good when I will be greeting 2015. 

If I could really wear anything today I would choose the simplest dress I already own, paired with this Burberry coat above, the UGG fury bag and the splendid Chloe boots that my favourite fashion blogger is wearing.

Source: Sea of Shoes
 What will you be wearing tonight and where are you spending the New Year's Eve?

P.S. my favorite dress in the world and the dress I would have worn last year

30 December 2014

My gift to you ...

I think I neglected to tell you who's my celebrity crush for a while now. Do you have one? Mine is just perfect: handsome, successful, funny and accessible. Accessible on TV, of course. It's Jimmy Fallon, did you guess? He is just great. And his show is even greater when he brings guests like Seinfeld.

So, my gift to you for this holidays season is a little bit of laughter directly from the best comedian out there. Seinfeld's stand up piece on The Tonight Show is as funny as it can get but also tought provoking. Now that I watched it I'm having second thoughts about buying that nice bag I set my mind on a week ago...

 Have you learnt what cupboards and drawers are for?
And if you want more of these exquisite 2 men check out their Comedians in cars getting coffee.Why did people stop having fun?

Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

28 December 2014

Nailed it- earthy Christmas

What did you wear for Christmas this year? I planned on wearing this cardigan I ordered a few days ago and jeans. But I got a very nice fluffy sweater from my mom and I really enjoyed wearing it. However it was only late at night on Christmas day that I got the chance to do my nails so I can really feel put together. I was in my pajamas at that point, so you can easily imagine how "elegant" I looked then. Anyways it was fun cause Cristian was there too and was kind of an assistant handing me the bottles and helping me.

The good news is I may finally be over my blue preference that haunted me this hole year. I chose a more neutral, earthy tone this Christmas with a funny name -"I Sao Paolo over there", from Opi's Brazil Collection, but of course. It may take me a couple of more years to get over my preference for Opi, but that's another story.

It's amazing, even for me, how much I could go on about nail polishes, painting my nails and the experience around it. It must be something that I really enjoy, isn't it? Ha ha...

One thing before I go - the inspiration came from Katherine Heigl in State of Affairs. Have you tried this new series?

A pleasure a day keeps the doctor away!

25 December 2014

Make someone happy!

For little ones happiness is a box of Lego, for grown-ups happiness may be  a glimpse back into those happy childhood times, or a good drink, a good book, a nice surprise present or a stupidly cheesy romantic movie. Or a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. I think it's just great if you could be that Santa who put those presents there for everybody else to enjoy.

It's not what's under the tree that matters. It's who's around it!
Make someone happy this Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones!

24 December 2014

Christmas caroling '14

Some things never change. And they' re perfect just the way they are.

We went caroling this year too. I can hardly believe that it's already the third time for Tudor. As for me, I watched from the side and enjoyed seeing 20 kiddos being happy for every door that opened for them and for every treat that was handed to them. Seeing them was certainly the best treat for me.

Here are some pictures starting with our preparations to welcome the carolers, the fireworks when the group met and the full bags boys brought home. Tudor was exhausted after 3 blocks but Cristian kept going for another 3. He is such a big boy now.

What are your traditions these time of year?

P.S. we went caroling in 2013 and 2012 too, when Tudor was 1year and a half. The funny thing is, this year Tudor wore the same cap and jacket that Cristian wore in 2012