18 May 2015

National Aviation Museum of Romania

There are some things we just can't miss. It's already a family tradition to go out for the Night of Museums. This year we began with a visit to the National Aviation Museum of Romania. "The ROAF aviation museum in Bucharest hosts a very impressive array of cold war metal, World War 2 relics and an impressive indoor display of Romania's major contribution to the birth of powered flight" ( source here ) .

 The plant exhibit

The kids must have been inspired by all the planes on display cause they organized their own plant exhibit with all the plants they could find on site.

They were happy to play around, ask questions and see interesting stuff and I was happy to capture all their joy on camera:

A museum visit a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. what we visited in 2013 and  2014

29 April 2015

If I could wear anything today- fringed vest

To fringe or not to fringe?! This is the hot fashion question of the spring. I am not a fan but this Isabel Marant maxime fringed embroidered suede vest  is worth dreaming for. Luckily dreams don't mind the price. And I like the ecru one even better. There is one on black too, to satisfy any taste.

Which one is your favorite?

A fringe a day keeps the doctor away!

28 April 2015

Boys will be boys

All things, flowers included, are better when kids are around. Especially if your own. I wanted to take some nice pics with my boys at Tulip Symphony but, of course, they had fun on the agenda as opposed to standing still for a photo. Which eventually turned out good cause I love the naughtiness I captured. Needless to say I love them to pieces.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!